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What is MobileSpy?

MobileSpy is a software based system which is downloaded from the internet directly on to the target phone.

The software is installed within minutes and then begins to discreetly capture SMS, E-Mails, Call logs, Instant Messages and GPS Locations.

The software keeps a tracking log of all events on the phone in a hidden database and then sends the information via the internet to a secure website for viewing at your convenience.

Customers are given a username and password to view their information which they can access from any computer.


Record Text Messages

View the target phone's SMS, iMessage and WhatsApp messages

Track GPS Location

View the target phone's GPS Location at set intervals

Monitor Social Media

Read target phone's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter messages

Log Call Details

Monitor calls made and received on target phone

Watch videos, See Photos

Watch any videos and photos stored on Target phone

Observe from a distance

Monitor activities on the target phone from the safety of your own home

Child Monitoring System

As children age, the things parents need to look out for change.

Small babies are usually fairly simple and can be monitored with a wireless microphone or camera. But as children grow and become more mobile, it can prove to be more and more difficult to keep track of our curious little ones and even harder to know what they're up to when not in sight.
Mobile Spy is ideal for this purpose.

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