MobileSpy FAQ

Can I Install Mobilespy remotely??

No. You must have the target phone in your hands. Installation usually takes about 15 minutes and requires access to the Internet. This is a software download from the Internet and product activation also requires Internet access. End-Users are responsible for any and all data charges with their respective service providers and carriers.

Do Android phones need to be rooted prior to installation?

Yes. All Android phones must be rooted prior to installation. For help with rooting of Android phones, please refer to the following website. Click here for Android Central

Do iPhones have to be Jailbroken?

Please refer to the following website. Click here for iPhonehacks website

Does Mobile Spy work on my phone?

Mobile Spy works on smartphones that run the iPhone iOS and Android OS operating systems. Other models are supported but need to be verified. Please be aware that compatibility means not only the Make / Model of the phone, but also the Firmware / Operating System Version that is running on the phone. Your phone's account must have Internet access to install the software and upload logs.

Will users know Mobile Spy is installed or running?

Mobile Spy uses the latest innovations in mobile monitoring to keep your monitoring safe, stealthy, and secure. The program starts every time the phone is powered on and remains hidden from view. The program has no icons on the phone and its files are extremely camouflaged. So it is your responsibility to notify any user they are being monitored.

What is your privacy policy?

It is company policy that our customer databases remain confidential and private. We have not, will not, and won't ever sell names to "Spammers" or other parties who would like to use our databases to advertise or solicit their products or services. Our products do not collect any information from your phone other than the information required for the products' successful operation.

How do I view the monitored information?

All captured information is sent from the target phone via the Internet to a secure website. Each member has a unique username and password to access their private data and can be accessed from any computer anywhere with an active Internet connection 365 days a year. Data can be downloaded to their personal computers for viewing offline if required. The website interface is user friendly and managing of information is at your fingertips.
Captured data is retained for 90 days before being deleted. Make sure to backup required data before the 90 day threshold.